It's a Boy.

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Today we had our 20 week ultra sound and we found out that we are having a boy. I was a little disappointed at first because I really wanted a girl, but then I got it over it. I mean sure I wont be able to have tea parties and play dress up but I'll get to play with light sabers and dragons and teach him all about baseball and football. I cant wait till January when he's born and I get to hold him. 
So far my pregnancy has been a bit tough with all the morning sickness, but I'm hoping that now that we are passed the 20 week mark it will go away and I can actually start enjoying being pregnant. The only thing I've really hated about being pregnant so far is the morning sickness and the fact that my clothes don't fit anymore. That's the thing i really really hate the most, clothes not fitting anymore. 
Well my stomach is growling so I suppose the little one is hungry so i should go feed him and take another bathroom break. oh the joys of being pregnant. 


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