Baby Shower Madness.

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So my mom threw me a baby shower yesterday to welcome Baby Silas into the world. There was so many people, at least 30 people showed up. Family, fellow co-workers, friends and even some friends from high school. I felt extremely blessed that they all showed up and wanted to celebrate with me. 

Theres no pictures of the food or even the decorations because my little sister was the photographer and she totally spaced on taking photos of the food table or the decorations. But we had blue raspberry cookies and blue velvet cupcakes that were to die for. And a veggie tray along with some ham and cheese rolls and my brothers amazing homemade bean dip with chips. We also had these yummy marshmallow pops that my sister spent a few hours making the night before. I do  however have pictures of the baking process. 
So much blue. 

Heres a few pictures of my favorite things I received from the baby shower.

and because Silas' nursery theme is the lion king, (which was also the theme of the baby shower) my little sister bought Silas his first Large sized stuffed Simba.

And last but not least, presents from my Aunt and Grandma.

The car seat of course was the most important thing because we didnt have one and we needed one badly. Overall we got a ton of clothes for Silas and a ton of Diapers. Which is good because now we have a little stock pile of diapers that will get us through at the least the first couple months. 

The games we played were kind of a hit an miss. Some of them everyone loved and a few some hated. but overall everyone had a great time and we had an awesome turn out. Now i just have to make room for all of Silas' baby things and put them away. 

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