11 things I loved this week.

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  1. Taylor Swifts song "22". Its just so catchy and gets stuck in my head and i cant stop singing it.

  2. Getting the "I miss you, when can we hang out again?" texts. Seriously one of the best feelings in the world is knowing that you are missed.

  3. Shocking people at work when they found out how old I am. Always a priceless and hilarious moment. I'm seriously going to get carded until I'm 40 years old, and I've come to terms with that.

  4. Getting a free burger from Red Robin because its my birthday month. Red Robin, you rock.

  5. Winning a free lunch at work. Who doesn't love winning free stuff?

  6. Having your niece tell you that "You are the greatest Ever!! Seriously you are the amazingest." What can I say, my niece loves me and thinks the world of me. I'm not going to encourage her otherwise to not think so. Everyone needs at least one person who thinks they are the greatest ever..right?

  7. Only spending 15 mins at the DMV. Yes 15 minutes!! Can you believe it? Yea neither can I. That was a first.

  8. Getting to see Two movies for free this week. Because the boy who texts me and says he misses me paid for both of them. Chivalry is so not dead. At least not with him. He even pays for dinner and opens doors.

  9. Having my cell phone battery last a whole day without needing to be charged.

  10. The CW now puts their shows on Comcast's ONDEMAND! Hell yes finally!! Took them long enough.

  11. Being able to wear my purple boots to work and not have them hurt my feet. Nothing ruins a work like having your feet hurt from the shoes you are wearing.

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