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I am the worst at keeping my blog updated on a regular basis. I should probably have that as a disclaimer. 

I am addicted to that stupid game Candy Crush Saga. So addicted its not even funny. And I'm not the only one either, my whole family is addicted to it as well. Every single one plays it on there phones/facebooks/ipads. Its a bit ridiculous.

I get sunburned a lot during the summer, its not because i forget to put sunscreen on, its just that i dont put it on repeatedly throughout the day. Who has time for that anyways? However i have found the perfect sunscreen to use that keeps the burn a little less of a burn. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch SPF 100+. It is literally the best sunscreen i have ever used. Its a little pricey but totally worth the $12. 

Also a favorite lotion that ive been using to help relieve sunburns is this aloe and cucumber stuff from Vaseline. It smells so yummy and it feels so good on a sunburn. Its pretty amazing and leaves your skin feeling wonderful. Its pretty cheap too which is good for someone like me who lives on a strict budget. 

I hate when I find a signature scent from bath and body works that I love and then they suddenly stop selling it. Sweet on Paris was my absolute favorite. It totally blows that they no longer sell it. I'm now going to have to go into bath and body works and spend an hour looking for a new scent. (oh the bummer.) 

One of the things I really wish is that the frozen yogurt places around here would offer a flavor that is dairy free. It sucks when your friends want to go out for Froyo and you have to decline because no one offers a dairy free option for you. Being lactose intolerant is the worst sometimes. Especially in the summer when everyone is eating ice cream. So sucky. 

My sleeping schedule lately has been completely off the rocker. Its because my boyfriend works overnights, and I drop him off and pick him up every day he works, so its been influencing my sleeping schedule and its completely out of whack so not what i'm used to anymore. 

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