Vacation Photos.

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Back in June, my family took a vacation to Anaheim, California, to celebrate my little sister turning 16 and to celebrate my dad graduating from College. We took a train all the way down from Olympia, WA. 33 hours sitting in a seat next to my little sister wasn't so bad, but the killer was the crying little baby sitting across from us. The lovely joys of traveling.

We spent our vacation at Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm. I do have to say that going to Disneyland in the middle of June probably wasnt the best idea in the world. The place was super crowded and the lines for rides took forever. Next time we go, we will definitely be going in the off-season. Knotts Berry Farm, however is pretty much ideal any time of the year. It wasnt super busy like Disneyland was, you didn't have to wait inline for rides for very long. I think the longest we waited in line was 35 minutes, but that was for the big wooden roller coaster that everyone wanted to ride. Overall we had a really fun time.

Here are some photos from my trip.

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