'Tis The Season..

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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. Our trees (yes trees as in two. We have a mini tree that is in our dinning room this year) are put up and decorated. 

Our stockings are hung down the hallway since we don't have a fireplace. And our hall closet has been turned into a snowman (thanks to Pinterest and my little sister). And we even already have some presents wrapped as well.

And even better our Christmas shopping is 95% done. Woot-woot. We just have a couple more presents to buy, A gift for a man or woman for the gift exchange that is done with my grandma and my aunt and Ken still has to buy one more thing for me, he says. He always gets so annoyed with me because I can go out and spend $100 and end up with 10 or more gifts for him and he can spend $100 and only have four for me. I find it absolutely hilarious. . And yes I may shop the sales racks religiously, but that's how I was raised and how my mamma taught me to shop. But its not the quantity of the gifts, its the thought behind them that make them special. And I've told him, it doesn't matter how many or how little, all that counts is that you picked them out yourself.

Anyways I hope you all are having a lovely start to your Christmas Season.
See ya soon,

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