32 weeks and 6 days...Aka 8 months.

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Today we are 32 weeks and 6 days. So we are officially 8 months along. oh my goodness. Only one more month to go...supposedly. I have a strange feeling Silas might just come a bit earlier than January 24th. We shall see if he is going to be an early bird or late bloomer. We had one of our bi-weekly check ups today and Silas had the hiccups. It was actually a really weird feeling that I hadn't felt yet which was really cool. I feel all of his kicks and all of his little tumbles (summer salts). So it was really neat to get a new feeling of movement. 

The only bothersome pregnancy symptom we have right now is major heartburn. and it always happens at night when I'm trying to sleep. Nothing is worse then being woken up in the middle of the night and feeling like your chest is on fire. Not fun. At all.

And the one thing I really miss the most while being pregnant is being able to wear jeans. Oh how I miss them. I mean I love yoga pants and leggings but I sure do miss my jeans. Its so sad they are sitting in my dresser all folded up and not being worn. I even miss my "fat jeans" ( you know the ones that you wear when you're bloated and feeling just fat). Yea I even miss those ones. Sigh. Only a month or so to go and then maybe, just maybe I can wear my favorite jeans again. Sigh. 

Laters my dears,

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