Things I Loved This Week

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Over the past week or so I've come across a few things on the web that I have just loved, thought were hilarious or just plain adorable. So here's a list of some things that kept my pregnant self entertained the past week.

The first one is a video from Dancing with the Stars on ABC, Thanks to  GAAM for posting it on Facebook. Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty dances a freestyle to Super Mario Bros. and It is Epic.

Post by GAAM.

The Seahawks win over the Cardinals and this rad photo of Cooper Helfet. You cant really tell from this photo but when he's not in his uniform he's kind of a dreamboat. Just ask my little sister, she calls him her Bae. ;)

Next is a blog post from Buzzfeed, where guys offer solutions to girl problems. Its hilarious.
Click here to go read it.

Next is the awesome new trailer for Pitch Perfect 2. I loved the first one and now I cant wait for the second one.

And last but not least this blog post from about 21 reasons why ginger guys are gods amongst men.
Click here to go check it out.

See ya next time,

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