Fashion Fridays V1.

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Introducing Fashion Fridays. I've decided to start doing a new thing every Friday or every other Friday. Just depends on how busy I am. I will post either pictures of myself in outfits or I will post collections I have created on Polyvore. This Time we have a collection from Polyvore, and If i wasnt currently 7 and half months pregnant I would so be rocking this cute outfit.

You cant get all 5 items at Target. And They are all reasonably priced too. The Knit beanie is only $12. The boots are $35 (the most expensive item in this collection but totally worth it.) The Jeans are $28 and The Sweater is $20. and last but not least the infinity scarf is $9.60. So roughly this whole outfit would cost about $105 which isnt too bad especially when you counter in that you can continue to wear these until Spring which is awesome.

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