Happy New Year!

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Spent new years with the fambam. We rang in the new year with a karaoke party. It was quite entertaining. and my beautiful niece Stephanie proposed to her girlfriend of 2 years. They are so cute together and I couldnt be more happier for her.  I was able to snap this beautiful picture of the moment. Such a beautiful moment. 

This year my new years resolutions are to: 
  1. Have an uncomplicated delivery and a healthy baby boy.
  2. To be more healthier, by eating and drinking more water.
  3. To read more books.
  4. To take more pictures.
  5. To get caught up on my scrapbooks. 
  6. To exercise more and get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.
  7. To blog more.
  8. To live in the now and to be Happy.

What are your New years resolutions this year? 


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