Pregnancy update.

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On Christmas day I was 35 weeks and 5 days and my niece was 33 weeks. As of right now I am currently 36 weeks 5 days.  and baby Silas can be born anytime. Even though his due date is supposedly not until the 24th of this month, I have this nagging feeling that the doctors actually got the due date wrong and hes going to be here way before the 24th. 

At my last appointment the doctor was a bit concerned because we were measuring larger than what we were supposed to be, which either means Silas is going to be a big baby or we are farther along than what they say. I'm going with the later. and expect him to be born within the next week or two. I'm already having the annoying Braxton hicks that are starting to get stronger. and all the other symptoms that seem to pop up meaning that labor is near.  So we shall see what happens within the next week or so if Silas is born or not. 

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